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Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat


Retreat OVerview

Program Highlights:

  • Duration: Choose between 2 - 12 weeks at our stunning retreat centre in Phuket.

  • Online Coaching: Enjoy 4 weeks of complimentary online coaching on your return home from your retreat.

What's Included:

  • Full access pass: Enjoy classes and facilities between the retreat schedule without charge at our partner's brand new state-of-the-art facility.

  • Facility: State-of-the-art MMA equipment, fitness machines and rest and recovery facilities.

  • Fitness classes: Choose from Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Strength and conditioning, HIIT, Yoga and more.

  • Personal Training: Benefit from 2 private PT sessions a week.

  • Outdoor Hikes: Challenge yourself hiking Big Buddha and Black Rock

  • Beach Workouts: Put your cardio to the test on the beautiful Phuket shoreline.

  • Rest and Recovery: Access to ice baths and massage.

  • Body Composition Measurements: Track your progress weekly

  • Excursions: Explore Banana Beach, Phuket Town and more in your downtime.

  • Team Building Meals: Foster camaraderie with fellow retreat guests.

  • Nutrition Seminars: Learn about diet and nutrition

  • Online Coaching: After the retreat, enjoy a complimentary 4-week online coaching package.

  • Partner Restaurants: Breakfast, lunch, plus snacks and nutritional drinks are included in the package.

  • Accommodation: Private deluxe room for the duration of your stay, at a local well-rated resort.

  • Airport Transfers: Let us collect and deliver you from the airport.


Previous clients

Join our community of achievers and let us be your partner in your journey towards a healthier and happier you.

Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat
Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat Thailand

what will you be eating?

During your fitness retreat, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and nutritional drinks are included in the package.


We've partnered with Pure Prep, the area's most popular health food outlet, which offers a diverse menu showcasing delicious options for all dietary preferences. What sets Pure Prep apart is its transparency, providing comprehensive food composition and calorie information for every dish.


Before you even arrive in Thailand, our trainers will take your preferences and fitness goals into account, providing you with a personalized diet plan guideline. With this guidance, you'll have the flexibility to explore Pure Prep's extensive menu while adhering to your nutritional plan, making informed choices based on the clearly listed food composition and calorie guidelines.


You'll receive a card upon arrival, granting you complimentary access to Pure Prep, where you can conveniently order from their diverse menu while adhering to your plan.

A caucasian man practicing Thai boxing

what will my training look like?

Prime Revive's body transformation retreat is dedicated to providing you with a top-tier training experience, and we've left no stone unturned to ensure your fitness journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Here's how we do it:

World-class fitness partnerships: We proudly collaborate with the best fitness facilities in their respective fields, ensuring you have access to top-notch resources and expertise.

State-of-the-Art Base Gym Facility:​ Our retreat features a cutting-edge base gym facility, complete with state-of-the-art MMA equipment, fitness apparatus, and comprehensive rest and recovery amenities.

Unlimited Access for Your Convenience:​ As a guest, you receive a full access pass to our base facility, granting you the freedom to participate in any classes or use any facilities during gaps in the retreat schedule, all at no additional cost.


Don't just take our word for it, Check out our promo video below and get a sneak peek at what awaits you!


View our sample schedule and classes below to see how we program these life-changing activities throughout your stay with us.

**Below is a sample of what your weekly retreat schedule could look like. Scheduling could be different depending on your capabilities and specific goals.**

Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat
Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat Thailand

online coaching

We provide a month's worth of online coaching following your retreat, ensuring you have the ongoing support and guidance you need to continue your fitness journey at home.

  • Achieve Your Goals: With a coach you're 65% more likely to hit your fitness targets.

  • Stay Consistent: With a coach you're 30% more likely to be consistent to sticking to your exercise routines.

  • Boost Strength: Expect an 81% improvement in strength compared to those going alone.

  •  Goal Getter: Join the 85% who achieve their goals when working with a fitness coach.

  • Accountability Matters: Your odds of success skyrocket to 95% with regular coach check-ins.


Where will you be staying?

Nestled in the lush tropical paradise of Phuket, Thailand, our partner resorts offer the ultimate sanctuary for your rejuvenating fitness retreat. We've meticulously crafted every aspect of your stay to ensure an exceptional experience.

Unmatched Comfort and Luxury: Our commitment to your comfort is unparalleled. Each Room features air-conditioning, cosy living spaces, and sumptuous mattresses to ensure a wonderful night's sleep after a hard day's training. Modern amenities such as hot water showers, storage pantries, refrigerators, cable TV, wireless internet, safety boxes and coffee and tea facilities are at your disposal. Step onto your private balcony and immerse yourself in the tropical ambience. 


Swimming Pools: Refresh and revitalise in our retreat's tranquil pools, surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature and swaying palm trees. Lounge by the water and discover true relaxation.


Exceptional Guest Satisfaction: Our resort consistently receives rave reviews, ensuring your downtime here will be truly extraordinary, enhancing your fitness journey. Join us in this idyllic retreat where every detail is tailored to enhance your well being. Experience the perfect fusion of fitness, relaxation, and productivity at Prime Revive. 


Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat
Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat
Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat

how do I Book?

  • Select Your Package: Begin by selecting either a single occupancy or dual occupancy room package from our pricing page. ​

  • Select Your Duration: Select how many weeks you would like to spend at the retreat and proceed to checkout.

  • Inform Us Of Your Arrival Date: Our retreats commence every Sunday. Once you've made your payment, you'll receive an email asking for your chosen Sunday arrival date (This is managed outside the website).

  • Provide Onboarding Details: After confirming your arrival date, you'll receive another email requesting your onboarding details. This includes information about your weight, health status, goals, dietary preferences, and any restrictions. We'll use this to set up your training and diet plan on our coaching app "Trainerise"

  • Schedule a 1-1 Video Call: We'll arrange a personalised call with you a week before your arrival. During this call, you'll receive an overview of the retreat, have a goal-setting session with your assigned coach, and discuss your health history.

  • Airport Transfers and arrival: Upon arrival in Thailand, we'll arrange airport transfers to take you to your accommodation. Your Prime Revive host will be there to greet you and provide any information you need for a comfortable first night's stay.

  • Orientation At the Retreat: On your first day, our hosts will guide you through an orientation process giving you everything you need to know to commence on your fitness journey.

With this seamless process, you'll be well-prepared to embark on your journey to achieve your fitness and wellness goals during your stay at Prime Revive.



Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat


  • High-Energy and Fast-Paced Session

  • Maximizes Calorie Burn and Boosts Fitness Levels

  • Short Bursts of Intense Exercise with Recovery Periods

  • Incorporates Bodyweight Exercises, Cardio Intervals, Plyometrics, and Strength Training

  • Improves Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity

  • Enhances Cardiovascular Health and Muscle Strength

  • Accelerates Fat Burning and Metabolic Rate

  • Improves Agility, Speed and Power


Individual Personal Training Sessions

primal fitness logo chalong
  • Customized Workout Experience

  • Led by Certified Personal Trainers

  • Discussion to Understand Goals and Limitations

  • Comprehensive Training Plan Tailored to Your Needs

  • Exercises Include Strength, Cardio, Flexibility and Core Work

  • Individualized Instruction and Form Correction

  • Motivation, Accountability and Accelerated Progress

  • Targeted Approach for Weight Loss, Muscle Building, etc.

  • Improves Confidence and Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle

Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat
Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat

beach workout

  • Cardiovascular Training on the Beach

  • Led by Experienced Instructors

  • Dynamic Combination of Exercises

  • Jogging, High-Intensity Intervals, Bodyweight Exercises and Circuit Training

  • Targets Multiple Muscle Groups, Utilizes Natural Terrain and Sea Breeze

  • Improved Cardiovascular Health and Endurance

  • Engages Stabilizer Muscles with Sand Resistance

  • Boosts Calorie Burn and Metabolic Rate

  • Promotes Mental Well-being and Tranquillity

  • Enhances Agility, Balance and Coordination


muay thai

  • Introduction to Fundamental Techniques and Principles

  • Learn Basic Strikes, Footwork, Defensive manoeuvres and Combinations

  • Practice Through Shadowboxing, Partner Drills and Pad Work

  • Develop Strength, Coordination and Agility

  • Conditioning Exercises to Improve Fitness Levels

  • Improves Cardiovascular Endurance, Stamina and Strength

  • Engages the Entire Body for Muscular Endurance and Tone

  • Can Contribute to Weight Loss and Increased Metabolic Rate

  • Cultivates Mental Focus, Discipline and Self-Confidence

Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat
Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat

Big Buddha and Black Rock Hikes

  • Moderate Difficulty Level

  • Combination of Roads and Jungle Trails

  • Led by Knowledgeable Guides

  • Traverse Moderate Inclines and Uneven Terrain

  • Encounter Diverse Flora and Fauna

  • Witness Stunning Panoramic Vistas

  • Duration and Distance Tailored to Fitness Level

  • Improves Cardiovascular Endurance and Lower Body Strength

  • Enhances Muscular Endurance and Core Strength

  • Reduces Stress and Boosts Mood

  • Increases Mental Clarity and Connection with Nature

temple bjj phuket


  • Holistic and Mindful Approach to Fitness

  • Led by Experienced Instructors

  • Blend of Physical Postures, Breathwork and Meditation

  • Enhances Strength, Flexibility and Body Awareness

  • Improves Balance, Posture and Mobility

  • Promotes Relaxation and Reduces Stress

  • Increases Mental Clarity

  • Builds Core Strength and Tones Muscles

  • Aids in Weight Management and Boosts Immune Function

Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat
Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat

At Prime Revive body transformation retreat, we strike the perfect balance between challenging workouts and essential recovery.


Alongside invigorating activities, you'll also get to explore Phuket with boat trips to local islands and visits to old Phuket town.


Relax with soothing massages for a truly transformative journey that leaves you refreshed and ready to embrace a new you.

Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat

Banana Beach Island Excursion

  • Take a longtail boat to stunning Banana Beach

  • Snorkeling: Explore vibrant marine life in crystal-clear waters

  • Beach Relaxation: Unwind and let the waves soothe

  • Island Cuisine: Enjoy local food at the local restaurants

  • Enjoy beach volleyball, or a beach workout (At your discretion!)

  • Memorable adventure for relaxation and rejuvenation


Phuket Town and Night Markets

  • Evening Excursion to Phuket Town and Night Markets

  • Explore Cultural and Culinary Scene

  • Guided Tour with our Team

  • Discover Sino-Portuguese Architecture and History

  • Immerse in Unique Ambiance

Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat
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