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how we build our plans

At Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat, we offer a truly unique fitness journey. Our mission is to create highly personalised transformation plans, that cater exclusively to your specific goals and needs.

Our unique methodology combines bespoke training programmes, and custom nutrition plans, followed up with precise measurement and review processes, ensuring every aspect of your transformation is not left to chance.

Click the button below to view a sample client pack, showcasing our methodology, detailed training and meal plans, and the transformative outcomes you can expect. Trust us to guide you on your journey to a healthier, happier you.

for a complimentary personalised plan, reach out to one of our retreat experts today


Prime revive methadology

  • Goal Setting: Each week begins anew with a reevaluation of your goals, ensuring they remain aligned with your expectations following weekly measurments.

  • Issuing Plans: With fresh insights from your progress, we adjust your meal and training plans, optimising them for continued growth and success.

  • Implementing Plans: Dive back into your regime with renewed focus and determination, building upon the foundation laid in previous weeks.

Our methodology revolves around a dynamic process that repeats weekly, adapting to your progress and feedback, ensuring sustained momentum throughout your stay with us in Phuket.


  • Rest and Recover: Your body adapts and grows during rest periods. Its important to plan adequate rest to allow the body to recharge.  We encourage you to use this time to take in the beaches and scenic views of Phuket.

  • Review and Measurements: As the cycle completes, we assess your progress, celebrate your achievements, and recalibrate your plan for the next week's journey.

Please follow the journey of one of our previous clients below 

Gym Equipment

Nicks training plan

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Nicks Meal Plan

Meal Planning

  • Each clients fitness routine's are carefully curated to meet a daily target calorie burn according to the clients target goal. 

  • Meal plans are designed to provide clients the nutrition and energy they require, while placing them in a safe calorie deficit.

  • Daily Macro's are calculated depending on the goals and training schedule of the client e.g a client with muscle gain goals will have a higher amount of protein in their diet.


  • All plans are reviewed and adjusted weekly, after the weekly debrief and measurements have taken place, to ensure the desired goals are being met.

Calorie Burn

Daily Macro's

Weekly Reviews

Calorie Intake

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Gym Equipment

"Following my stay with Prime revive, my biggest fear was that I would not be able to continue my weight lose journey, and keep up the disciplines I had learned on my stay. I found the 4 week complimentary online coaching really helpful when I returned home, as it enabled me to keep getting direction and support from my coaches. Since then i've felt comfortable to go it alone, and today my weight is 85kg! Thanks for everyone involved with Prime Revive on helping me improve my life!"

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pure prep phuket restaurant


  • During your fitness retreat, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and nutritional drinks are included in the package.

  • We've partnered with Pure PreP PHUKET, the area's most popular health food outlet, which offers a diverse menu showcasing delicious options for all dietary preferences.

  • What sets Pure PreP PHUKET apart is its transparency, providing comprehensive food composition and calorie information for every dish.

  • Before you even arrive in Phuket, Thailand, our trainers will take your preferences and fitness goals into account, providing you with a personalised meal plan (changed weekly).

  • Upon arrival, you will be able to visit Pure PreP PHUKET, (close proximity to your hotel) where you can conveniently collect your orders daily, or if you prefer, you can have your meals delivered to your hotel.

Enjoy food from Pure Prep Phuket during your wellness retreat
Our trainers will work with you to achieve your fitness and weight goals
Smoothie Bowl
fruit and veg at Phukets top fitness retreat
Enjoy your new diet plan with new friends
Beach Party
All guests can stay in our partner resorts on Phuket, Thailand

Nestled in the lush tropical paradise of Phuket, Thailand, our partner resorts offer the ultimate sanctuary for your rejuvenating fitness retreat.

We've meticulously crafted every aspect of your stay to ensure an exceptional experience.

Where will you be staying?

Phuket Beach
Relax during your Phuket wellness retreat
Hotel room in Chalong, Phuket
Hotel room in Phuket

Unmatched Comfort and Luxury:
Our commitment to your comfort is unparalleled. Each Room features air-conditioning, cosy living spaces, and sumptuous mattresses to ensure a wonderful night's sleep after a hard day's training. 

modern amenities:
Hot water showers, storage pantries, refrigerators, cable TV, wireless internet, safety boxes and coffee and tea facilities are at your disposal.

Step onto your private balcony and immerse yourself in the tropical ambience. 

Swimming Pools:
Refresh and revitalise in our retreat's tranquil pools, surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature and swaying palm trees. Lounge by the water and discover true relaxation.

Exceptional Guest Satisfaction:
Our resort consistently receives rave reviews, ensuring your downtime here will be truly extraordinary, enhancing your fitness journey.

Join us in this idyllic retreat where every detail is tailored to enhance your well being. Experience the perfect fusion of fitness, relaxation, and productivity at Prime Revive.

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At Prime Revive, Phuket's Number 1 Fitness & Body Transformation Retreat, Thailand, we strike the perfect balance between challenging workouts and essential recovery. Alongside invigorating activities, you'll also get to explore Phuket with boat trips to local islands and visits to old Phuket town.

Relax with soothing massages for a truly transformative journey that leaves you refreshed and ready to embrace a new you.


Individual Personal Training Sessions

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muay thai

Big Buddha and Black Rock Hikes


Banana Beach Island Excursion

Phuket Town and Night Markets

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