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Prime Revive onboarding before your fitness retreat in phuket

  • 1-1 Online Video Call a Week Before Arrival

  • Overview of the Retreat and What to Bring

  • Goal Setting Session with Assigned Coach

  • Personal Consultation to Understand Goals and Health history

  • Dietary Considerations for Meal Plans

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Prime Revive Guests in Chalong, Phuket
Prime Revive Logo

Orientation at the phuket Fitness Retreat

  • Review Induction Pack: Thoroughly go through provided information on retreat guidelines, expectations, and activities overview.

  • Meet the Team: Introductions by instructors, trainers, and staff members; they'll share their expertise and address your questions.

  • Schedule Review: Detailed presentation of the two-week schedule, including fitness activities, meal times, and relaxation sessions.

  • Local Amenities: Receive recommendations for exploring the area during your free time and make the most of the surroundings.

  • Communication: Set up a WhatsApp group exclusively for retreat participants to facilitate efficient communication with the team.

  • Fitness & Nutrition Assessment: Comprehensive evaluation of fitness levels and nutritional history to track progress during the retreat.

Prime Revive Training Expert in Phuket


  • Specific: Define clear and precise goals

  • Measurable: Establish criteria to track progress

  • Achievable: Set realistic and attainable goals

  • Relevant: Align goals with values and objectives

  • Time-bound: Set deadlines for goal achievement

Benefits of SMART goal setting:

  • Clarity, focus, and motivation

  • Accountability and ownership

  • Efficiency in resource allocation

  • Adaptability to changing circumstances

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