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Prime Revive Fitness Retreat in Phuket Logo
Prime Revive Fitness Retreat in Phuket Logo
Prime Revive Fitness Retreat in Phuket Logo

Phuket, Thailand.
Soi Taied to be precise

Welcome to Phuket, Thailand. Soi Taied to be precise or as it's know locally, "The Soi". This is the base of Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat.


A destination that offers an unparalleled fitness experience.


This vibrant street is renowned for its world-class gyms and athletic prowess, attracting fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes from around the globe.


Take a look at our promo video featuring our previous retreat members and imagine how great it would be to train in paradise.

Big Buddha in Phuket, visit while staying with Prime Revive
Prime Revive guests enjoying the streets of Phuket
Prime Revive Fitness Retreat in Phuket Logo

Phuket Highlights

While your primary focus at Prime Revive will be on achieving your fitness goals, we understand the importance of balance and relaxation during your downtime. That's why we've picked out a selection of Phuket's most captivating landmarks and attractions for you to view before your stay with us.

Connect with nature by visiting one of the island's renowned elephant sanctuaries, where you can interact with these majestic creatures in a responsible and ethical manner, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Marvel at the awe-inspiring sight of the Big Buddha, a towering monument that overlooks the island from its perch on Nakkerd Hill. 
And let's not forget about the stunning beaches that fringe the island, from the golden shores of Naihaarn Beach to the secluded coves of Kata and Karon.

Prime Revive Fitness Retreat in Phuket Logo

As the day transitions into evening, seek out one of Phuket's many sunset spots. Whether you choose to unwind on the shores of Promthep Cape or take in the breathtaking scenery from Windmill Viewpoint, the beauty of Phuket's sunsets is sure to leave you in love with Phuket. 

…and it's all just moments away from your doorstep at Prime Revive.

So why settle for the ordinary when you can experience the extraordinary? Choose Prime Revive and enjoy your fitness retreat amidst the captivating beauty of Phuket, Thailand. Your journey begins here. in invigorating beach workouts, embark on scenic hikes through lush rainforests, and immerse yourself in outdoor activities that are only limited by your imagination.


Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat Guests Sightseeing in Phuket
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