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Meet Nick. Nick's story is a testament to the transformative power of prime revive. Like many, Nick faced challenges that left him feeling stuck and defeated. Mentally and physically, he was at breaking point.

His Journey Highlights


The Starting Point: Nick was carrying 110kg of weight, and the burden of unhealthy habits. He knew he needed a change.

Mental & Physical Struggles: His journey began with mental and physical struggles that seemed insurmountable.

Coaching That Counts: With Prime Revive's support Nick embarked on a tailored fitness plan, guided by world class trainers who understood his goals and limitations.

Diet That Works: His journey involved a balanced diet plan, fueling his body for progress and well-being.

Retreat Experience: At the retreat Nick enjoyed access to world class facilities, making his fitness journey truly exceptional.

Structured Approach: A comprehensive training plan that targeted strength, cardio, flexibility and core work set the stage for his success.

Online Coaching: After the retreat the support didn't end. Nick continued his journey with online coaching, that ensured his progress never halted.

You Can Do It Too: If your like Nick, Prime Revive can help you too. Ready to start a happier healthier life? Keep reading to view the details of our transformation retreat. Discover how you can start your own journey to success today.

Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat
Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat Thailand
Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat Thailand

We provide a month's worth of online coaching following your retreat, ensuring you have the ongoing support and guidance you need to continue your fitness journey at home.

  • Achieve Your Goals: With a coach you're 65% more likely to hit your fitness targets.

  • Stay Consistent: With a coach you're 30% more likely to be consistent to sticking to your exercise routines.

  • Boost Strength: Expect an 81% improvement in strength compared to those going alone.

  •  Goal Getter: Join the 85% who achieve their goals when working with a fitness coach.

  • Accountability Matters: Your odds of success skyrocket to 95% with regular coach check-ins.

Group Workouts

invest in your future

Our comprehensive retreat programme is priced from £2,021 for our 2 week package plus 4 weeks online coaching. That's a £336 per week investment in yourself, for our all-inclusive retreat PLUS extended benefits and continued support that you will receive back home.


If you require a bespoke package, please contact us. Many of our clients have enjoyed great results through longer retreats and tailored programs.

Where do you want to be in a years time?

Take a look at our transformation retreat, where our previous clients have been in the same situation as you. They have taken the decision to change their lives for the better. We hope you find this inspires you to follow in their footprints.

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