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Prime Revive Fitness Retreat in Phuket Online Coaching Logo
Prime Revive Fitness Retreat in Phuket Online Coaching Logo
Prime Revive Fitness Retreat in Phuket Online Coaching Logo

Prime Revive body transformation program online coaching

As part of your retreat package, we include one month of free online coaching, with the option to extend on a monthly recurring basis. Prime Revive's body transformation program online coaching plays a crucial role in helping clients sustain and build upon the progress they achieved during the retreat.


Why Continue with Online Coaching?

  • Achieve Your Goals: With a coach you're 65% more likely to hit your fitness targets.

  • Stay Consistent: With a coach you're 30% more likely to be consistent to sticking to your exercise routines.

  • Boost Strength: Expect an 81% improvement in strength compared to those going alone.

  •  Goal Getter: Join the 85% who achieve their goals when working with a fitness coach.

  • Accountability Matters: Your odds of success skyrocket to 95% with regular coach check-ins.

Online coaching with our body transformation experts keeps your progress going strong long after you leave the retreat. Its the secret sauce to your fitness success!

Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat Student weightlifting in Phuket
Prime Revive Student Training at an MM AGym in Phuket
Prime Revive Fitness Retreat in Phuket Online Coaching Logo
Prime Revive Online Coaching Logo

We understand that not everyone can join us in Phuket,  or some may wish to continue their fitness journey after the initial 4 weeks of inclusive online coaching. That's why we offer dedicated online coaching with our body transformation experts for those unable to attend the retreat or seeking ongoing support.

Our online fitness coaching comes in two service levels: Gold and Platinum. The Platinum package provides a higher level of personalized attention for our clients, details of which can be found on our booking page.

To suit your needs and commitment, we offer flexible online coaching packages for 1, 3, and 6 months. Opting for a longer package rewards you with attractive discounts, making your fitness journey even more affordable.

Join our online coaching program today and receive personalized guidance to make your fitness journey a lifelong endeavor. Your body  transformative experience awaits!

Prime Revive Logo
Prime Revive Logo
Prime Revive Logo


Prime Revive Online Coaching Gold Package
Prime Revive Online Coaching Platinum Package
Bundle Comparison - Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat Thailand
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How It Works

Personalized Guidance:

  • Receive personalized guidance tailored to your needs and goals

  • Collaborate with your assigned coach to develop a customized plan based on your lifestyle, preferences, and specific objective

Accountability and Motivation:

  • Benefit from ongoing accountability and motivation

  • Set realistic goals and track your progress

  • Regular check-ins, progress tracking, and feedback from your coach to keep you motivated and focused

Ongoing Education:

  • Access our comprehensive education hub

  • Explore valuable resources, articles, and videos to expand your knowledge on fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle habits

  • Empower yourself with information and education to make informed decisions and sustain healthy habits

Flexible Communication:

  • Communicate with your coach at your convenience

  • Utilize our coaching app for messaging and video calls, allowing you to seek guidance, ask questions, and receive support whenever you need it

  • Fit coaching sessions into your busy schedule with flexibility and convenience

Muay Thai training at Prime Revive fitness centre in Phuket Thailand
Prime Revive Body Transformation instructor and student
Phuket Retreat Online Coaching Logo

Tailored Nutrition and Workout Plans:

  • Receive customized meal plans and nutritional guidance

  • Align your nutrition plan with your goals, dietary preferences, and specific needs

  • Access personalized workout plans designed to support your fitness journey

Community and Support:

  • Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals

  • Connect with fellow retreat attendees, share experiences, and exchange tips

  • Draw inspiration and support from others on similar fitness journeys

High Tech Progression Tracking:

  • Experience cutting-edge technology in our online coaching program

  • Utilize our personal coaching app for easy access to your personalized workout and nutrition programs

  • Integrate your smartwatch to track steps, calories burned, resting heart rate, blood pressure, and more

  • This advanced tracking system provides a comprehensive picture of your progress and enables our coaching team to offer the highest level of guidance

Elevate your fitness journey with our online coaching program, designed to provide personalized guidance, accountability, education, and a supportive community for your long-term success.

Fitness equipment in Phuket
A Student enjoying the Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat in Phuket

Cam, 25 (Melbourne, AUS)

"Prime Revive+ Online Coaching has been a fantastic addition to my fitness routine. After attending the retreat in Phuket, I didn't want the positive...

A Student enjoying the Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat in Phuket

Hayley, 28. (Nottingham, UK)

After an incredible experience at Prime Revive Retreat in Phuket, I was thrilled to continue my wellness journey with Prime Revive+. Their online coaching

A Student enjoying the Prime Revive Body Transformation Retreat in Phuket

Mike. 29 (Essex, UK)

As someone who loves to travel, I can't always be at the Prime Revive Retreat in Phuket, but with Prime Revive+, I can stay connected...

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